Vote for a Network Parent Representative CMP-Elk Grove for the CMP-Governing Board

Voting opens Monday, March, 2019 and closes Friday, April 5, 2019. 

2019 Ballot  

Voting Rules

Parent/Guardians: Voting eligibility for this ballot requires that you are a parent/guardian of an active CMP student. Ballots for the Parent Representative position shall be sent home with each student and posted on the CMP website for downloading.  Each parent and/or legal guardian may submit one (1) ballot.  Blank ballots may be duplicated for use by an additional parent/guardian, or additional ballots may be obtained from the website or campus office.

A ballot box shall be established at each campus for the return of all completed ballots.   All ballots shall be secret, but when parents/guardians or teachers submit their ballot in person they must sign a campus voter roster.  Parent Rosters shall provide spaces for each voter to print their name, indicate the name of their child(ren) enrolled at the campus, and sign.  Ballots which are submitted to the campus by a person other than the voter who completed the ballot (submitted by proxy) must comply with the voter identification requirements for absentee ballots.

Any individual eligible to vote may request an absentee ballot due to illness or temporary leave of absence during the voting period. Completed absentee ballots may be mailed to the Central Administration Office at 5330 A Gibbons Dr., Ste 700, Carmichael, CA  95608. The individual voter will be marked “absentee” on the voter roster when the ballot is received. All absentee ballots must be placed in a blank sealed envelope, and then placed in a second outer envelope indicating the voter’s name, campus affiliation, and the voter’s signature must be written on the back of the outer envelope. This voter information will be logged by Central Administration staff.   The ballots themselves will remain secret.

Submitted ballots will be collected at each campus and forwarded to the Central Administration office for counting promptly after the close of voting.

Please read each candidate’s statement before voting.

Please vote for one representative.

Candidates Statements

Scott Porter

CMP Board Nominee – Elk Gove Parent Representative

My name is Scott Porter. I am asking for your vote for the CMP Governing Board.

I am married with three children. I work as a Supervising Deputy District Attorney. My wife is a CMP Substitute Teacher's Assistant. We have two Upper-El children at CMP. Our third child graduated from CMP last year. I have coached CMP basketball for the past six years, and have chaperoned numerous field trips.

I have served on the Governing Board since fall 2014. We have overseen many changes and additions to all CMP campuses - I believe for the better. In the coming months we will be selecting a new Executive Director and we will work together to guide CMP into a bright future.

All of our campuses are in a very good place in social, financial, and academic terms. I hope to continue to foster that environment as much as possible by providing administrators, teachers, support staff, students and their parents with the tools to succeed.

Board members and CMP administrators are committed to providing your children the best Montessori education possible. I look forward to working with them and continuing my small part in that endeavor, if you will have me.

Thank you.

Parent Representative – CMP-Elk Grove

This spring, parents and guardians of CMP students will have the chance to vote for 1 member of the CMP Governing Board.  This memo explains the role of the Governing Board, duties of Board members, and election logistics.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to run for the Board.  The Governing Board currently consists of ten members.  Because all Governing Board members are responsible to, and for, the CMP network as a whole, all CMP parents and guardians (network-wide) may vote for the parent representatives.


Role and Responsibilities of the CMP Governing Board 

The California Montessori Project is a non-profit corporation which operates six charter schools in the Sacramento region.   The Board governs the non-profit corporation; it does not directly oversee day-to-day operations of CMP schools.  The Governing Board is legally responsible for (1) CMP’s compliance with applicable law, with the terms of CMP’s charters, and with the organization’s own mission; (2) CMP’s annual budget and fiscal solvency; (3) policies which apply to the organization as a whole and; (4) strategic planning for the network as a whole.

The Governing Board is also responsible for hiring the executive director of CMP, who serves as superintendent and answers directly to the Board.   Individual campuses are run by the principals under the supervision of the superintendent, and with the involvement of the local Campus Advisory Boards.  The CMP Governing Board does not generally decide issues specific to individual campuses, and is not involved in hiring staff other than the executive director.  Parents who wish to be involved in matters directly related to their child’s campus are encouraged to join their Campus Advisory Board.

The CMP Governing Board may consist of the following members:

  • up to four parent representatives, one from each charter (elected by CMP parents);
  • one Community Representative (appointed by the Board);
  • two Business Representative (appointed by the Board);
  • one Montessori Representative (appointed by the Board);
  • one Charter Representative (appointed by the Board);
  • up to four District Representatives, one from each of CMP’s authorizing school districts (appointed by their respective districts; districts may choose if they will have a representative on the CMP Board).


Responsibilities of Governing Board Members

Under California law, each member of the Governing Board has a “fiduciary duty” to the California Montessori Project as a whole.  This means each member has an obligation to act in the best interests of the non-profit corporation.  The Governing Board is legally responsible for CMP’s actions.

Governing Board members are expected to attend the monthly meeting of the Board (usually the second Monday evening of the month), plus an annual day-long retreat. Governing Board members will be expected to serve on committees and fulfill other roles as directed by the Board.

Governing Board members generally serve three-year terms.  Board members may run for re-election at the conclusion of their terms.  The Bylaws provide for filling vacancies as needed due to resignations or changed status mid-term.


Elections Schedule

Elections for the position will begin in March 2019.  Volunteer candidates will be given an application form and asked to write a brief statement explaining why they want to serve on the Governing Board and what skills or experience they bring.  The deadline for all applications and candidacy statements is March 20, 2019.

Ballots and candidate statements will be distributed to all CMP families March 25, 2019.  Each parent or legal guardian may vote for the Parent Representative seat on the Governing Board, based on the candidate statements.  Ballots may be returned to your campus in person or by mail on or before April 5. 2019.  Elections results will hopefully be announced at the April Board Meeting and on our web site by April 12, 2019.


In Addition

In addition to the elected Parent Representative, we have an appointed position open as well, Charter Representative.


Interested in Joining the Governing Board?

Joining the CMP Governing Board is a wonderful way to support your child’s education and serve your community.  As a member of the Governing Board you will be directly involved in providing a high quality, tuition-free Montessori education to a diverse population of children.  The Governing Board benefits from the wide variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds of its members.   If you would like more information, please speak to your child’s principal, to the Executive Director, Gary Bowman at, or to the Governing Board Secretary, Carrie Klagenberg at or (916) 971-2432.

Elk Grove Parent  Rep Application

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