CMP 20th Anniversary

CMP plans to recognize different people, groups, and organizations throughout the year at the Governing Board meetings.  We hope you check back monthly to see who has been added and been recognized for making CMP what it is today. 

February 2022: Parents: Thank you to all the parents who have chosen CMP as their school for their children. Thank you for working in the classroom with our Montessori staff, providing office help, chaperoning field trips, serving on campus committees to enhance the learning community, working on jobs at home and/or outside of school, preparing classroom materials, adopting a classroom pet or plant during school closures, participating in parent education nights, fundraising, school events, and campus beautification days. Because of the parents, CMP can foster a successful Montessori learning community.

January 2022: It is time to recognize the Students. Without Students to be taught by the teachers and put into the facilities, we would still just be a vision. Thank you to all the students who have passed through our doors. The first students to attend, to those who attended for a day or nine years, to those who came back and worked for us. 

December 2021: Employees: CMP has founded the school, put the Charter in place, has Authorizing Districts, and Facilities Champions, now it is time to recognize the Staff.  Without the Superintendent, Administrators, Teachers, TA’s and AA’s, we would just be buildings. Thanks to the many for their service to CMP over the years with special recognition to those with 16 years or more.

November 2021: Facilities Champions. CMP would not be where we are today without the help, assistance, and support of the following facilities and all the people who assisted from these organizations. Thank you Carmichael Recreation and Parks District, Anova Architects and Orca Consulting, Office of Public School Construction, California School Finance Authority, California Department of Education, School Facilities Planning Division, and Hancock Park & Delong.

October 2021: Authorizing Districts. CMP would not be where we are today without our authorizers and the wonderful partnerships we have formed with them via our Charter School Liaisons. CMP is profoundly grateful to our authorizers and their support of our mission of offering a quality, tuition free Montessori Education that challenges our students to reach their full potential. Thank you Wheatland School District, San Juan Unified School District, Elk Grove Unified School District, Buckeye Union School District, and Sacramento City Unified School District.

September 2021: Jim Young, Paul Minney, and Lisa Corr of YM&C, The Charter Law Firm, and our legal services team since June 10, 2001. Thank you to each of you, your firm, and the great staff that have served us over the last 20 years.

August 2021: Founding Members of CMP: Norman Lorenz, Deanna Gardner, Marion MacGillivray, and Keith Alpaugh. 

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